Community: The Anti-Drug

Community: The Anti-Drug is a community coalition that is comprised of parents, local government, school officials, clergy and health providers. Community, The Anti-Drug’s mission is to generate conversation and provide accurate information about alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use in our community.



Friends of Jens Jensen, Rosewood Park Pool Study

“Friends of Jens Jensen” is a local citizen group founded in 2005 to raise funds for improvements and maintenance of Jens Jensen Park and other local sites designed by the celebrated landscape architect. As trustee for the fund, the HPCF provided a grant in 2015 to the Park District of Highland Park for a feasibility study for the renovation and redevelopment of the Jens Jensen pool and surrounding landscape area at Rosewood Park.

Highland Park – Highwood Legal Aid Clinic

The clinic was established in 2015 with the support of the HPCF to provide pro bono legal services to Highland Park and Highwood residents. Community attorneys provide legal services for Highland Park and Highwood residents in the areas of domestic abuse/violence, tenant/landlord matters, and immigration, among others.